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 Big bully specializing in the production of hydraulic jack、Hydraulic rama、The hydraulic wrench、Hydraulic pipe bender、Lift platform、The truck、Nut scissor, etc all kinds of hydraulic tools,Welcome to consultation:0523-86187808
Taizhou big bully tools manufacture co., LTD ,Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of electric、Hydraulic machine tools,The main products are:Jack、Dual role of jack、Jack electric synchronization、Induction puller、Lift platform、Spiral approximator、Special coupling Lamar、Anti-slip pull round、Electric hoist Lamar、Filter oil machine、Pipe bending machine、Manual hydraulic pipe bender、Electric hydraulic pipe bender、Rail bending machine、Drive type hydraulic wrench、Bolt cutter、Rail bending machine、Hydraulic bolt tensioning jack、The hydraulic nut、The valve grinding machine, etc。Companies adhere to quality first for a long time,The aim of customer first,Always adhere to the scientific management,Good after-sales service,Reasonable price based on the domestic and foreign markets。...[Described in detail]
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    Popular products:Hydraulic jack、Anti-slip pull round、Electric hoist Lamar、Manual hydraulic pipe bender、The hydraulic wrench、Hydraulic bolt tensioning jack、The hydraulic nut、The valve grinding machine
Jack|Hydraulic jack Lamar|Hydraulic rama A wrench|The hydraulic wrench Pipe bending machine|Hydraulic pipe bender Hydraulic test pump|Electric hydraulic test pump Manual pump The elevator|Lift platform Loading and unloading car|The truck The hydraulic nut Cutting tools 
 Big bully hydraulic jack.Quality.Value your trust!——The latest recommended products
Dual role of jack
Briefly:Double-acting jack not only has ordinary jack all functions,And have the function of drawing,And for the cables、The cables、Axial by using。Spring return structure,After the hoisting,Can be quickly removed,But is not available to connect the hose to pull a jack。
Electric hydraulic rama
Briefly:Electric hydraulic rama is a linear static tension at work,Convenient and energy saving、Stable performance,It also can be lifting、Jacking、Straightening、Pressure test, etc。Suitable for railway vehicle maintenance and repair、Mechanical installation、Mining maintenance。
Bearing induction heater
Briefly:Main bearing induction heater is widely used in metallurgical industry、Railway、Oil fields、Machinery、Motor and other manufacturing enterprises,Maintenance needs to suit in the process of mechanical bearings、Coupling、Gear、Bushing annular aperture parts induction heating, etc。
Hydraulic torque wrench
Briefly:Hydraulic torque wrench through hydraulic system pressure gauge can accurately、Reliable pre-tightening torque control,Reduce the risk of bolt fatigue fracture,Ensure the widespread adoption of the reliability of the high strength bolt connection,Reduce weight and save space。
Electric hydraulic test pump
Briefly:Electric hydraulic test pump is dedicated to all kinds of pressure vessel、The pipe、The boiler、The cylinder、The valve、Fire equipment for the laboratory and the ideal equipment of high pressure liquid obtained from the hydraulic pressure test。Has been used in national defense scientific research key development projects。
Spiral approximator
Briefly:Spiral approximator special purpose of tightening when the ship steel plate welding,Steel plate in place,Make the welding effect is more ideal。Also called approximator、Screw tension machine、Pull the pump。Several tensile machine and when,Lift speed with point shall be maintained。
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