Specializing in the production:A full set of circuit breaker attachment、Since the double entry under voltage protector, etc
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           DZ47(C45)All supporting auxiliary accessories
 Over-voltage under-voltage tripping device 
 The shunt tripping device 
 The auxiliary contact alarm contacts 
           C65All supporting auxiliary accessories
           L7All supporting auxiliary accessories
           Fully automatic(Since the double entry)Under voltage protector
           Limit current controller
           DZ47-63GQUndervoltage circuit protector
           DZ47SPrepaid dedicated circuit breakers
           Household ac contactor
           Liquid level controller
           Isolating switch series
           AC30Modular socket
           Molded case circuit breaker attachment
           Surge protector
           Miniature circuit breaker
           Molded case circuit breaker
           Double power source automatic switch
           Smart leakage protector
           Control and protection switch
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DYXK-20 3A
DYZGQ-63 63ATop down out
DZ47-63GQ 40A1
iC65 MNVUndervoltage tripping device
DZ47-63S 2P 40A
GQUndervoltage tripping device
DZ47 MV+MN(1)
Current limiter3A
C65 MV+MNUndervoltage tripping device
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      Yueqing city daewoo electric co., LTDLocated in the Chinese electrical appliances,Areas.beiqi state-level scenic spot yandang mountain,Close to104The national highway line,30 km away from wenzhou airport。
  The company is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Services for the integration of low voltage electrical appliances manufacturers。Company to produceJunction boxMetering boxSince multiple undervoltage protector,Molded case circuit breaker、Plastic shell type residual current circuit breaker、ICCard(Prepaid card)Watt-hour meter special miniature circuit breaker,Overpressure leakage protector, etc。Products through the national mandatory product certification(CCCCertification)。
      Professional and technical personnel and management personnel for a third of the company's employees,Company with several scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning has carried on the close cooperation,To perfect modern equipment and testing equipment,To strengthen the technological transformation、New product development and structure adjustment,Promote the upgrading of products and industrial upgrading。The product quality and after-sales service account for the lead in the peer,Favored by customers and praise。   More and more>>
iC65 MX+OFThe shunt tripping device
DYM1LCircuit breaker with residual current protection plastic shells
DYM1LTake rest 
DY20LEResidual current circuit breaker
DY20LEThe leakage 
DNY-32Residual current circuit breaker
DNY-32The leakage 
L7 OFThe auxiliary contact
L7 PL9 MXThe shunt tripping device
L7 MGQUndervoltage tripping device
C65 SDAlarm contacts
C65 OFThe auxiliary contact switch
C65 MX+OFShunt assisted tripping device
DZ47(C45) MX+OFShunt+Auxiliary
C65 MV+MNUndervoltage tripping device
DZ47(C45) SDAlarm contacts
DZ47(C45) OFThe auxiliary contact
DZ47(C45) MXThe shunt tripping device
DZ47 MV+MNUndervoltage tripping device
C65 MXThe shunt tripping device
DZ47(C45) SDAlarm contacts
Control and protection switch
Control and protection switch 
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Yueqing city daewoo electric co., LTD., production and sales of circuit breaker auxiliary accessories production(Undervoltage tripping device,The shunt tripping device),Since multiple undervoltage protector,Under voltage circuit breaker,Limit current controller,Contactor,Control and protection switch,
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